He Looks Like He's Walking A Catwalk, BUT When The Camera Pulls Back...

Written by the MarlonWayans.tv editorial team
Attitude is everything. The way you walk, talk and dress as a celebrity actor can make or break you as easily as your roles. Marlon's known for his over-the-top character portrayals, but it's hard to argue that he isn't just as memorable as his more 'serious' self - especially in that suit! Trying not to grin, smile or laugh when there's a welcome wagon waiting on you and trying to grab your attention has to be insanely tough, especially for a comedian. Think you can keep a straight face no matter what? Say 'bubbles' in the deepest, manliest voice you possibly can and try not to crack up. Dare your friends to pull off this level of smooth. Share this video and challenge them to a suave-off. Cheat by growling 'bubbles' if it looks like you're losing.
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