Just Three Simple Ingredients, But You Won't Believe What They Can Make

Written by the MarlonWayans.tv editorial team
Y’all ready for this? Take some magnets, a dry-cell battery, and a long length of coiled copper wire and BOOM! Hours of relatively uninspiring entertainment. Although once you’ve seen it go round a few times, it has about the appeal of a pair of Chinese finger traps (apologies to those of you who still haven’t figured those out), we do have to give credit where credit is due: it’s a cool idea. One that we didn’t come up with, which makes us mad. Oh, and if you try this one at home, remember: magnets must be plated with metal; they must be aligned in the same direction, and they must be larger than the diameter of the battery. Screw it up and it won’t work, because in a battle between you and science, trust us. Science always wins.
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