Marlon Wayans Is Asked About His Racist Comedy, But You’ll Never Believe What He Has To Say!

Written by the editorial team
Marlon Wayans has taken fire lately for his no-pulled-punches brand of comedy, but he is NOT backing down. Critics blasted his use of the N-word, Twitter and Instagram flame wars blew up after he called Pierre Daniel a Cleveland Brown lookalike, and now he has pissed off Australia by calling Aussie Delta Goodrem the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN. He drops by the Tom Green Live show, with Harlan Williams, where he’s asked about his allegedly racist comments. Marlon Wayans has a lot to say. Is he sorry? NO! Wayans is in the comedy trenches, people, and he’s a Navy SEAL. Minefields of sensitive feelings are everywhere, but does he tiptoe? NO! He’s going to dive into the chaos, in the name of Funny Shit, and say what he needs to say. And he’ll throw in a dick joke in the name of TRUTH.
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