This Dog Looks Harmless, But Is It Going To Eat This Baby?

Written by the editorial team
Ok, at first glance, this may seem cute and harmless. Cute little dog, cute little baby, cute little dog interacting with cute little baby. Cute little barks, cute pajamas, cute remarks from almost certainly cute parents. Cute, cute ,cute. That in itself is dangerous, too much cute has been known to drive people to commit murderous acts. No doubt these people are hoping their cute little video will go viral and they’ll rake in lots of cute little bucks, with absolutely no regard for the welfare of others. Disgusting, really. But take a deeper look. There are darker things happening here. That dog, no matter how small and cute, is a predator, a born killer. He wants to eat that baby. Encouraging him will only endanger future babies and embed a species memory of babies looking tasty. And the baby? Why, she’s learning to be a dog! Her first words will be barks! Don’t be surprised if she grows up to be a werewolf. Someone call the Pet Police, the ASPCA, and a child psychologist, quick!
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