When You See How This Homeless Man Spends $100, You'll Be Shocked!

Ever wonder what happens when you give a homeless person money. This guy gives a homeless man $100 and you will be shocked by what he does with it. This video is so touching and really makes you think about all the good people who are living on the street. Not everyone is homeless because of an addiction problem. Sometimes, people living on the streets can be a victim of circumstance. For this man he was left out on the street after his Step-father and Mother died two weeks apart of each other. He devoted his adult life to taking care of his parents, even moving in with them and pay all the hospital bills. Because they didn't have a will, the condo they all lived in was sold and he then had nowhere to go. Even after losing everything he still goes out of his way to help others. You won't want to miss the beautiful video.
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