Woman Waves To Bear - What It Did Next Is Hilarious!

Written by the MarlonWayans.tv editorial team
Bears have a bit of an image problem. For years, Stephen Colbert deemed them godless killing machines. In Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man, one of those GKMs ate a guy because he was a bit peckish. Worst of all, Winnie the Poo is a meek honey junkie who doesn't have the decency to wear pants. It's not too late for them to make a change, though. They need to play up the sympathy and awwwwww cards. Polar bears have mastered sympathy by floating about on tiny ice sheets looking hungry yet dignified. Bear cubs just need a Morgan Freeman-voiced documentary, like March of the Completely Unthreatening Nonmurdery Bear Cubs. Meanwhile, the bear in this video knows the simple power of a friendly wave. Is the wave actually bear code for 'I WILL MAUL YOUR FACE!!?' Probably. Until we know for sure, let's wave at all bears. What could possibly go wrong?
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