Unnecessary Violence, Woman Fight Over a Parking Space

Written by the MarlonWayans.tv editorial team
Two grown women fighting. What’s this world coming to? Are people getting desensitized to violence because it’s all around us. Movies, video games etc. Or is it just poor parenting and poor schooling that’s the issue. Whatever the reason, these two grown women seem to be fighting over a parking spot. While kids, and adult males look on, and even cheer them on. With so many people watching, why didn’t anyone try and stop the fight? People need to feel more responsible, for what’s going on around them. If they see things happening, that they feel should not be happening, they need to try to stop it. If they are afraid to stop it, they should call 911. I’m not sure what bothers me more in this video, the fact that these two adult women are fighting over a parking spot, or the fact that so many people stand around and do nothing to end the violence.
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